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I’m devoted to living a life that feels good.
And, one of the greatest tools I have on this journey: My essential oils.

Essential oils are powerful healing gifts provided for us by Mother Earth herself. Straight from the roots, flowers, leaves and bark of her plants, they’re 100% pure, natural goodness.

In a plant, essential oils act somewhat like our “immune system”. They protect it from viruses, moulds and bugs, help to heal it when it’s been “injured” and support the plant to thrive.

And guess what?! Essential oils can help to do exactly that for us too.

They are an incredibly powerful and natural way to support our body back to it’s naturally intended state of vibrance and wellbeing.

Mumma Earth has gifted us…

  • Peppermint to ease our headaches
  • Lavender to us get our ZZZZ’s
  • Eucalyptus for clear, deep breathing
  • Clary Sage for “that time of the month” 
  • Frankincense to help connect us to our Higher Selves (and recalibrate our cells!)


This Earth was not created by accident.
Our plants weren’t put here by mistake.
Each holds a purpose, many hold medicinal properties.
And it’s about time we started honouring Mother Nature’s intelligence and used them.

WHY i love essential oils: 

Since discovering essential oils and starting my own collection in early 2015, there hasn’t been a day I’ve been without them. Wherever I go, you can smell me way before you can see me.

My oils are a deeply sacred and constant part of my day. Whether it’s putting a bottle of peppermint under my nose to help me awaken first thing, or falling asleep to the sweet scent of Lavender – My day always starts with oils and ends with oils (and has oils in most moments inbetween!). 

They’re always the first thing I call upon to help me feel good. 

Since inviting oils into my life…

  • I sleep like a baby and dream VERY, VERY deeply (Thank you Lavender & Vetiver)
  • My skin’s smoother
  • My cooking’s far more exciting
  • My energy levels are more consistent
  • Life feels much more sacred & empowered
  • I’ve been able to kick any signs of sickness quick
  • I’ve got this deep sense of ease at all times knowing that I’m completely supported by Mother Earth (my oils!) no matter what comes up

I’m in deep, deep appreciation for Mumma Earth and these gifts she has provided us with. I’m devoted to living as closely to her as possible – avoiding toxins, chemical and other nasties – and essential oils make this pretty, damn easy.


are essential oils for you?  

You live in a world where stress is kinda inescapable.

You have a family, right? 

A job?  

A body? 

All of these everyday things around you – the people, the toxic air, your busy schedule –  naturally send your body into a state of stress. It’s just a part of being human.

But, your body was designed to feel really, really, really good.
It knows how to return to wholeness, completeness, vitality!

In order to return it to this feel good state you’ve got two options:

  1. Go and live in a bubble. or
  2. Start incorporating ‘things’ into your life to support your body

For me, I have chosen option 2. And those “things” that I’ve chosen to support my body to run at it’s natural state of vibrance are essential oils.

I invite you to do the same. It’s time to look to the Earth for answers. Her gifts are aplenty.
It’s time to let Her support you through times of stress –  both physical, spiritual and emotional.

Want to start your oil journey now?

why doTERRA is OUR business + WHY We’d love you on our team:


My lover, Jacob, & I both desire a life of MAGIC.

One filled with travel, adventure and freedom.

One which sees us frolicking around the globe – hanging out in the mountains of Peru for a few months every year, taking spontaneous trips to new places, drinking in the cultures, exploring fresh plains.

Yet at the same time, we desire to be purposeful, generous, giving. I know I’m here for a reason. I don’t wish to spend every moment “wanderlusting”.  I wish to share my light with others, in a powerful, powerful way!

doTERRA sauntered into my life in February 2015. Yet it wasn’t until I said “YES!” (a full-body-every-cell-YES!) to sharing in June 2016 that I realised THIS is my thing.

And then in March 2018, Jacob saw the vision and decided to step in to this business with me!

doTERRA is my two desires wrapped up in one! 

A heart-centred business model that’s beginning* to give me the freedom and money to explore, whilst simultaneously offering me incredible purpose: sharing high-vibing-healing products with the world and building/ leading/ loving my beautiful tribe of women to do the same.

If you too want freedom and purpose, I’d love to have you on our team and support you on your journey.

When you join our tribe, you get:  

  • Mentoring from Jacob & I:  We‘ll walk alongside you and teach you exactly how to share, build and expand.
  • A family of women & men on the same journey: All ready and willing to hold your hand along the way too.
  • Loving and practical support: Resources, weekly team calls, personal development practices.
  • Heart-centred business approach: My business strategy relies on trust and an understanding of the Universe. No push. No hard-selling. No struggle.

I’m BIG on only doing things that feel good – and I can tell you (in my experience at least) there’s nothing that doesn’t feel good about this way of doing business/ offering my light to the world.

As a yoga teacher and coach, I’m done trying to fill my books with clients and students in order to feel abundant. This is a smart way of creating wealth. This is an incredible way of leading an abundant life.

To join our team and build your own essential oil business, first order your essential oils.
Then swing me an email to let me know you’d like access to our Builders Community.

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