8 easy ways to raise your vibration

You are not just your flesh and bones.

Beyond that beautiful body of yours you are energy. Particles vibrating so damn quick –  too damn quick for the even the eye to see.

And just like you send a message out to the world with your physical body ( with your clothes/ hairstyle/ walk/ talk/ mannerisms), you are communicating with the world around you via your energy in each and every moment. And (here’s the clincher!) this energetic body of yours is actually creating your experience.

Like us, the world we live in is just a bunch of vibrating particles. And all these particles, whether human, animal, natural or inanimate, are all bound by the Law of Attraction (like attracts like).

This means that only things of the same vibrational frequency can “meet up”. Therefore our experience is always a direct reflection of the energy we are giving out.

So why do we want a high vibration? 

Basically, all of life’s “good stuff” vibrates at a high frequency – Joy. Love. Connection. Bliss. Abundance. 

Therefore the higher you are vibrating the more of this juice you’re going to attract and the better you’ll feel.

And you want to feel good, right?

Now there’s a pretty simple method to knowing what’s going to raise your vibration and what’s going to lower it.

If it makes you feel energised, alive, excited, blissed, connected (a.k.a. “good”) – consider your vibration RAISED..

If it makes you feel depleted, angry, frustrated, exhausted, disconnected (a.k.a. “bad”) – consider your vibration LOWERED.

However here’s a few suggestions to help inspire you on your journey to high vibes.


1. Earth Yourself


The Earth’s vibration is high, like really high. 

Therefore one of the simplest ways to up your frequency is to get in Nature.

Bonus Energy Points: Direct contact is best. So take your shoes off, touch Her trees with your bare hands or get naked in Her company.

2. Eat More Plants

mindful eating

Just like us, food has an energetic body as well. When we ingest each meal we are therefore not just inviting the physical food into our body but also it’s vibration.

So what determines a food’s energy? The way it’s grown, handled and prepared. 

Basically, given the high vibes of Mother Nature opting for food as close to this source as possible is your best bet. (Read more about why I choose to eat plants here).

Bonus Energy Points: Add extra energy to your food by blessing it before each meal.

3. Do something JOYFUL


Joy is a pretty high vibration. In fact, the highest of the lot (on par with love of course!).

Prioritise things that make you feel good. Whether it’s dancing around the house while you make dinner, blaring the music in your car on the ride home from work, painting, drawing, writing, playing boardgames with the ones you love.

Whatever makes you joyful – that giddy, laugh, bliss-out kinda joyful – do it. OFTEN. (You are NEVER to busy for joy!) 

Bonus Energy Points: Commit to making joy your compass. Follow it in every moment.

4. Dance

high vibes1

We are naturally uninhibited high vibrational beings and dancing (preferably like a crazy person) helps us return to this state. By moving our bodies we help to shake off any unwanted emotions or energy.

Whether it’s with your friends, your lover, your kids or yourself- it don’t matter – just dance! 

Bonus Energy Points: Carve out space to dance every single day.

5. Get Oily


Research shows that essential oils have the highest frequency of any natural substance know to man! (Get me some of that!) Cause I’m all about raising my vibes, oils have recently become a staple in my everyday life. Under the kind and gentle tutelage of this beautiful lady, I’m using them in my cooking, my cleaning, my yoga practice, my writing space and my pre-sleep rituals.

Bonus Energy Points: Diffuse or pop a few drops of Lavender (one of the highest vibrating oils!) on your pillow before you sleep. It will not only help you drift into the dream state but also work at raising your energy field as you sleep.  You’ll wake up vibrating high – real high!

6. Step away from the screen


(Not now, I want you to keep reading this post!)

Most of our scrolling is mind-numbing and unintentional. It sucks our energy. Although social media is meant to make us feel connected – too much time in front of the screen is draining (a.k.a. lower our vibes!). So take care of your energy and schedule in some screen-free time.

Bonus Energy Points: Commit to at least one social media free day a week. (I’m still getting there with this one!) 

7. Surround yourself with high vibrational beings

bskt yoga

Spend more time with the people that make you feel alive. And less time with the people that leave you feeling drained.

It’s as simple as that.

Bonus Energy Points: Start your own “high vibe” meet up group. Whether it’s over Skype or in-the-flesh, commit to doing whatever you gotta do to absorb the good vibes of the amazing humans around you on the reg.

8. Be intentional


Although I’ve given you 7 powerful ways in which to help you raise your vibration, to be honest anything you do has the power to get you high.  It’s all about intention. 

Your thoughts are incredibly potent – in fact they are what’s creating your experience right now! The more you expect something is going to happen the greater likelihood that it will – Believing is seeing!

Therefore if you believe brushing your teeth is going to raise your vibration, it will. 

If you believe running 10km every morning is going to raise your vibration,  it will. 

If you believe sleeping naked is going to raise your vibration, it will. 

So if you feel you’re needing an energy boost, a lift in your frequency – set the intention that the very next thing you do does just that.

Bonus Energy Points: Journal your intentions at the beginning of each day.


What is your favourite way to raise your vibration (a.k.a. feel better)? 

Let’s start a conversation in the comments below!

Remember: There’s no limitation.  Using the power of intention – anything can make you feel good. 



5 Comments to “8 easy ways to raise your vibration”

  1. Jae says:

    Love this Meg! I especially love the idea that anything can raise your vibration or lower it, depending on how you approach it and your intention behind it. It comes back to the idea that everything is neutral and waiting for us to infuse our energy into it.

    I’m about to head to the post office and I’m going to make it a high-vibe adventure ;)

    Love your work girly x

    • haha! Hope you enjoyed your post office trip my love.
      It’s truly amazing how explosive life can feel when we just choose to set the intention for it to be so!

      LOVE YOU. xx

  2. Carol says:

    Great post Meg!

    I raise my vibration by swimming in the ocean… it really works for me… I am an ocean girl at heart. Too much time behind the computer and not enough in playful swimming in the ocean brings down my vibration alot. xox

  3. Love this post and the reminder that raising our vibes doesn’t always have to be so complicated, it can be as simple as stepping away from the computer and getting out into nature! One of my favorite vibe raising trick is opening all the windows and curtains in the house and burning heaps of sage and repeating my fave mantra, as a quick and potent detox :)

  4. Maxine says:

    Hi Meg
    Love this read on increasing our vibration! I’m about to head out my back door to feel the grass under my feet (even if it is for just a few minutes in my really small backyard). I think it will be a consistent intention of mine to raise my vibration :)

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