Sexy Sistas with Soul: Emelie Archer Pickett

Today is a good day. Today is a wonderful day.Today I am super duper excited to announce a beautiful new segment to the blog.

Sexy Sistas with Soul

I have created this segment to celebrate the beautifully passionate & creative women that inspire me every single god-damn day! They are super soulful, empowered and sexy. But not the “take-your-top-off-and-grind-on-a-pole-kinda-sexy”.

I am talkin’ real, raw, authentically sexy women.

Women with passion. Women with purpose. Women with a fire so deep in their bellies they can’t help but create and share it with the world!

That is what I call sexy. 

In this big ol’ world, we are taught to view our fellow females as our competition. This lures us into a state of constant envy, comparison, and jealousy.  You must forget all that bullshit right here, right now. I created this space so we could celebrate our fellow soul sistas together. We are going to be uplifted, inspired and empowered by these authentically sexy women.

I want you clapping, cheering, even fist pumping from behind your screens for these saucy ladies. Cause I promise you they are definitely worth shoutin’ about! 

Welcome, Emelie Archer Pickett a.k.a. Foxy

I can think of no better woman to kick this beautiful new series off with. This lady oozes sensuality in all that she does. She is the perfect combination of sexy & soul.  And boy-oh-boy she can get a lil’ naughty!

Emelie is a spirit animal oracle, helping people connect with their inner wild side. I recently worked with this gorgeous woman in discovering my own animal totem, the Goliath Birdwing Butterfly. I was in absolute awe of how perceptive and significant Emelie’s insights were!  ( I see butterflies everywhere now!).   Not only is Emelie a kick-ass animal oracle, she also loves talking all things sex, love and life on her amazing blog A Forbidden Life. Her writing is unbelievably raw, uninhibited and mesmerizing… I cannot get enough!

So without further ado, let’s devle into Emelie’s soul a little, shall we? 

Emelie Archer Pickett

How does what you do for moolah allow you to connect with your soul/spirit/God/ Divinity/ The Universe?

No matter what I do, I try my best to intentionally connect with the divine. But I am so blessed and fortunate that I RELY on my soul and my connection with source to do what I do for moolah – which is to intuitively connect with wild animal energies in people and reveal to them their personal totem animals. My business requires that I stay connected to spirit, so meditation is a must every single day, along with playful rituals and spirit nourishing food. It’s tough, but someone’s gotta do it ;)

Describe when you feel your most spiritual?

My most spiritual experiences have been spent with my man; my soulmate. Whether it’s laying together in our backyard gazing through filtered sunlight at leaves in the breeze, sliding against each others’ slick-sticky skin, or giving thanks before eating together he always reminds me of the holiness in each of us.

Describe when you feel your most human?

As a mom, I feel most connected to my human vulnerability. My 4 year old son is a constant reminder of our beautiful humanness. Working from home allows me to dance between my roles as totemic shaman and simply “mommy” – which keeps my feet firmly planted on the ground and my ego right where it belongs – as part of my soul-plane’s tail crew.

How important is it for you to harmonise both of these elements (the human & the spiritual) in your life? What kind of things do you do to embrace both sides?  

I think it’s not only important but IMPERATIVE to walk in both the human and spiritual worlds. This is the job of a shamanic practitioner; to bring the spirit world into the human world to facilitate reconnection with our innate wholeness. The best way to embrace both sides is to view life as a wild playground!! My mentor Kathleen talks about children at play being in a shamanic state, and I agree with her wholeheartedly. It’s by dropping our defenses, losing ourselves in the moment, and improvising that we train our souls and unwind our minds… and play is the absolute BEST way to do this! So, I play as often as I can. Anything from wearing silly face paint, playing dress up, pretending to be an animal, talking in accents… anything to have fun and let loose becomes a spiritual practice for me.

What’s your favourite feeling to have at the end of the day, when you’re tucked up in bed, about to close your eyes and drift off into the unknown?

I love the bliss of resting my head on my husband’s chest and reflecting on the day that’s passed; feeling awash with gratitude. Gratitude is the feeling I cultivate to bookend each day.

Can you give us the deets on the kind of things you do/ what your day looks like when you’re left with this “oh-my-gosh-that-was-such-a-killer-day” feeling?

Such a fun question! My ideal knock-my-socks-off day would definitely revolve around some kick-ass one-on-one animalistic integration sessions, inspiring and igniting my Facebook tribe with playful ideas and seeing them post their results, making at least one delectable meal, and cuddling with my son and then my man at the end of the day. If a hike were thrown into the mix my head might explode with joy.

Emelie 3

My favourite open-eyed meditation is….Deep, soul-connected sex with my husband. (Whoops, did I just share that publicly??) Hehehe.

I cannot go a day without…Bacon! Seriously. Most days involve bacon. From happy pigs of course.

Every cell in my body ignites when…I remember my wildness, run like a river down a mountain, roll on the floor with my son, or draw something fantastic.

I believe, I am, I create because…. I have no other option*. I can no longer choose a life that deadens my soul.

* Meg: This is so freakin’ brilliant! I cannot put into words how happy this makes me feel! We are put on this Earth for these things exactly. Oh Emelie!!! I freakin’ love you! 

Emelie 2

Professional Bio:

Emelie Archer Pickett is a Fox, paradigm f*cker, poet, and the curator of A Forbidden Life :: an online hub for forbidden conversations about sex, intimacy, love, and shamanism. She’s also a totemic shaman. Want to find out your spirit animal and fuel your wild life? Come play with her (and pay what you can): your soul totem is waiting.

Ummmmm…. How amazing is this woman! (I told you she was saucy!)

If you are interested in discovering your inner animal spirit ( and I highly, highly, highly recommend you do) Emelie is your go-to-gal! 

The experience is super fun and it’s pay what you can! I promise, you’ll be amazed at how much clarity, guidance and comfort your spirit animal will bring!

So let’s give it up for Emelie!

Start the whooping, cheering and clapping for this sexy-soul-sista in the comments below! 

And stayed tuned my beautiful friends, cause I got some more gorgeous women to come!

Big Love Meg x

4 Comments to “Sexy Sistas with Soul: Emelie Archer Pickett”

  1. TheLoverList says:

    You sexy little minx, Emelie!!!! I’m crushing on your vibe and energy big time xx

  2. Jen Searle says:

    Thankyou Meg :) ..I agree on your statement about women being so competitive and jealous with each other. That sad fact has caused me to withdraw from other females my whole life, and still tentative in my 30s (!) which makes me sad and leaves me lacking.. especially when dealing with modern motherhood.
    It’s beautiful souls like Emelie (Hi Emelie!) who restore my faith in the ‘sistahood’, and trust in connecting with others.
    I am inspired by her commitment to allowing all areas of her Life to balance and be complementary, as well as the strength of her love and interest in people (and all things Mother Nature) that shines through onto my screen daily! Big Hugs xox

    • Amen to the Sistahood Jen! We gotta stick together. Like you said I can imagine that becomes so much more important when you become a Mumma. You need strong, supportive women routing for you instead of bringing judgement and comparison to what I can only imagine is one of the hardest gigs in the world!

      Big love, Meg xxx

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