Sexy Sistas with Soul: Kristen Graham


I am so excited to introduce you to this woman cause by gosh, she is pretty damn great!

We met only a few months ago. (But I had been manifesting her into my life for about a year before that).

And since then this lovely lady has done nothing but sprinkle magic on my life.

She is the embodiment of mind, body, spirit connection. Melding the three elements together effortlessly, breathlessly, beautifully.

Her voice, her presence, her demeanour. This gal exudes sweet, soft soulfulness.

Speaking with her melts my soul and cracks open my core. Being in her presence puts me at ease. It brings me home.

Yep. Thank you Universe. Thank you very much for bringing me this Chica. And after reading her words I’m sure you’ll be shouting your praise to the Universe too.

So sit back & allow yourself to be spellboud by her magic.

Please meet…

My beautiful friend, Kristen Graham.


How does what you do for moolah allow you to connect with your soul/spirit/God/ Divinity/ The Universe?

My work feels soulful and intuitive and a hell of a lot like home. When I’m working its a moment for me to plug into that source that comes from somewhere else entirely. I feel creative, free, playful and romantic. Creating a living doing this soulful work places me in this space daily.

Describe when you feel your most spiritual?

Standing under the moonlight. Drinking hot Chai and Cacao. Hands in prayer position bowing my head as I say Namaste to the light within me. Lighting candles. Joined in ceremony and ritual. Buddha gardens, and Byron bay.

Describe when you feel your most human?

When I cry. When I feel broken and when I am angry.

For as long as I can remember I have wrapped myself in my arms when I cry as I do my best to soothe and slow my breathing, as though a best friend is giving me a cuddle telling me it’s okay and to breathe. This is when I truly feel as though i’m a spiritual being having a human experience.

How important is it for you to harmonise both of these elements (the human & the spiritual) in your life? What kind of things do you do to embrace both sides?  

I’m emotional, spontaneous, fragile, I loose my cool every now and then. This is apart of being human.

I’m calm, collected, I move with ease and grace. I speak more softly and peacefully. I let things flow, I let go of plans. In these spaces I feel more connected to spirit.

Its the Yin and Yang, the masculine and the feminine, the dark and the light. Just as nature has created opposites, those opposites must exist within us. While they may sound and feel separate at times, they are not. Just like the image of Yin and Yang, they come together to form one darling of a circle that is life.

We cannot be the “perceived perfect” versions of ourselves all the time. Its tiring and it’s not our truth. I cant always be in a state of cool calm and collected. Releasing the need to always be that person is freeing. We embrace our spiritual side, lets embrace the darker parts of ourselves too (it makes our light all the more bright). Being able to forgive yourself for loosing your cool every now and then is spiritual, pretending that it doesn’t happen is not.

What’s your favourite feeling to have at the end of the day, when you’re tucked up in bed, about to close your eyes and drift off into the unknown?

Sleepy eyes, smiley face and grateful heart after a productive or soul nurturing day.

Can you give us the deets on the kind of things you do/ what your day looks like when you’re left with this “oh-my-gosh-that-was-such-a-killer-day” feeling?

I did one of two things. It was either…

(1) Super productive. I went beyond my to do list, jumped out of my comfort zone, sent those emails and I brought some spontaneity to my day. I’m usually up late buzzing with creative energy, ready for more.

(2) I let go of all plans did something spontaneous and new with someone I love. I spoke truth. I connected. I was alive with natural energy. High on the life force and blessings around me and I hit the pillow with a smile. I’m full and sleepy.


My favourite open-eyed meditation is….Captivating Sunsets, Surprise Rainbows, the vast and expansive ocean, the mystery and wonder of the Moon and the stars. Warm showers by candle light.

I cannot go a day without…Herbal tea, a breakfast that excites my soul and Water. While I can go a day without meditation, its best that I don’t. My days flow when I take the time to sit, breathe and be present.

Every cell in my body ignites when…The oceans in view. When a rock’n healthy dessert is placed in front of me. I come to life when I am speaking from a place of passion.

See me come to life when we talk about intuition and energy, healthy living, intuitive eating and all things nature intended.
oh.. and.. That song, you know the one. It makes your breath slow and deepen, your eyes roll back into your head, and you cant help but groove.

I believe, I am, I create because….it makes life all the more sweeter and fuller.

Professional Bio:

Mind. Body. Soul. Wellness Coach. Intuitive Writer and Creator of Wild Spirit Feather.

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I told you this gal was special!

Now I think we should talk all things intuition.

How do you tap into your intuition and allow it to guide your life?

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Big Love Meg x

15 Comments to “Sexy Sistas with Soul: Kristen Graham”

  1. Gosh, you are both wonderful. You make me feel so calm and peaceful. X

  2. Kristen says:

    Oh my gossshinng over here at that gorgeous introduction. Thank you Meg. “But I had been manifesting her into my life for about a year before that”… I too Meg, I too.

    Pleasure to be in your space today. xxx

  3. Lisa says:

    Ladies – reading that beautiful interview was like a mini meditation moment! Transported into a place a peace, tranquility and sunshine. Thanks for shining and giving me a sweet vibe to carry with me thought the rest of the day x x

  4. Jo says:

    beautiful my darlings!!

  5. Lauren says:

    Beautiful interview – these words especially hit home – “We cannot be the “perceived perfect” versions of ourselves all the time. Its tiring and it’s not our truth. I cant always be in a state of cool calm and collected. Releasing the need to always be that person is freeing” – amazing.

  6. That question… every cell in my body ignites when… ME: “Actually, when I read this.”

    Soul cracking questions honey, and Kristen – every word is all of your lovely self.

    Now both of you, come on down to Melby for a visit! Loads of love xx

    • Lucy! Yes. Melbourne is on my list of “Things to Do” sometime this year. So you will be seeing me for sure!
      And yes, every word of Kristen’s is so damn sweet! xxx

    • Kristen says:

      Aww thank you Lucy!

      That would be amazing… confession… I have never been to Melbourne, but would love to go and visit you.


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