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Curiosity is a powerful thing. It drives you to know more, be more, experience more.

And the lady I have to introduce to you today is the Queen of Curiosity.

She gets high off fresh ideas, new perspectives and knowledge. From Body Attack Instructor to Yoga Teacher, PR consultant to NLP Practitioner and Blogger. This ladies CV is impressive, the ultimate testimant of her incredibly curious nature.

And as she goes about quenching her thirst for more knowledge and awareness of human beings and the world we live in, she exudes a strong sense of love, compassion and empowerment.

This is one very determined, driven young woman. I am blessed to have crossed paths with her and am excited to her soar even further in the future.

Please meet the wonderful Ms Lucy Bourchier. 

 How does what you do for moolah allow you to connect with your soul/spirit/God/ Divinity/ The Universe?

What I do for work allows me to feel like me. This seems a meager statement but to me it’s my proudest and greatest achievement. For three years I pursued a career that I had a knack for but didn’t resonate at all. I tried really hard to mold myself to better fit the part – to smooth out my resistance and the sharp pangs of discontent, but that just edged me further from my center.

My strengths and interests didn’t match what I did for money then. What I said was rarely the truth, but only I knew that. I looked OK. Everything seemed peachy from the outside but I was withering up inside. I was living a life that was severely misaligned and that fact eventually manifested in a plethora of nasty imbalances.

Today though I’m charging down a new road that truly resonates. It’s my mission to help others realign their outer reality with their inner most truth. I hope to guide others to wear (with confidence!) the fabric of who they are on the outside.

Living fully aligned is the blood to my veins. It’s my everything. I get to sprinkle my message out everyday now.

My work is the channel through which I connect with my soul now, not through which I destroy it.

Describe when you feel your most spiritual?

Nestling in on the carpet. Legs crossed. Lids heavy. In these moments of quiet I get sucked into the abyss of my own consciousness and everything else – the spinning thoughts, the analyzing, the planning ahead – gets to sub off for a while.

In stillness I can swim around in this spacious paradoxical realm where everything is understood and yet there’s an infinite amount that’s ungraspable. But behind closed lids rationality goes mute and I don’t care at all. I just accept unconditionally the mystery of myself and this equivocal thing that is life. I trust myself. I’m supported and held in the swirling messiness. I’m lucid and free and connected and unstoppable.

Describe when you feel your most human?

Most of the time, actually! To me the feeling of humanness swells in intensity. And in my world there’s always something to feel intensely – joy, resistance, desire, elation, fear, comfort, passion, hilarity!

I slide into an otherworldly spiritual realm when I’m meditating or on my mat moving fluidly with breath but mostly I’m just an insanely human human who cries, loses her temper and laughs herself into delirium when things are hysterical and when things are sinking into s%it.

I allow myself to feel into the highs and the splintery lows equally, trusting that each sensation has arisen to bring me back into balance – to help me realign with my center. Yeah – it’s tough to do! But surrendering to the eternal clunky-ness of my humanity and finding OK-ness in the swirling mess of life is the most liberating practice I’ve known. To me that’s freedom, ultimate!


How important is it for you to harmonise both of these elements (the human & the spiritual) in your life? What kind of things do you do to embrace both sides?  

Here’s the truest thing I’ve discovered trekking my own spiritual road. We can only access higher levels of awareness when we’ve first embraced the darkness of our own nature.

To me, our Buddha nature and our human nature are not separate. They’re like two anchor points that sustain a long, stretchy hammock between them – a right of passage if you likeAnd we can’t climb across until we’ve first sat humbly and genuinely in the uncomfortable depths of our human nature.

These days I sit with the uncomfortable parts of me. I try and embrace what I most fear to acknowledge about myself. And I can honestly say that I’m as much darkness and despair as I am radiance and bliss. Sometimes I get totally, wildly pissed off at the world, sometimes I sulk and play the victim, sometimes I get hot with rage.

I used to push these ‘undesirables’ out. I’d resist fiercely against the unhinged, splintery edges of my personality and it’s wicked moods.

But now I let them in. We sit down together and she wreathes in my gut for a while. But when I soak her in enough awareness her hostile energy disperses and eventually there’s just love. An irrational, nonsensical, unconditional and tear-smothered kind of love. When we sit bravely with our own darkness it turns into splendor.

So I embrace my spirituality by embracing the 360 degree human me – the whole damn lot. I listen and allow and follow the tangents of my emotions because they guide me across the stretchy hammock to my inner divinity.

What’s your favourite feeling to have at the end of the day, when you’re tucked up in bed, about to close your eyes and drift off into the unknown?

Love. To feel loved and to love – myself and my life and all the amazing people and experiences that color it. That’s the best feeling to take me into the zzzz’s. 

Can you give us the deets on the kind of things you do/ what your day looks like when you’re left with this “oh-my-gosh-that-was-such-a-killer-day” feeling?

I’m a Melbournian so there’s an impeccable late in the mix. There’s lots of heart starting movement: chilled, fresh air on flushed cheeks and new electricity pulsing through my body. Steamy, window fogging…… yoga ; ) Run away conversations with my ladies. Meandering through cobbled streets. Market gazing. Mulled wine lips, sunken velvet armchairs and live music. Sweeping riverina sunsets. Tight embraces with my honey.  

I’m now grinning from ear to ear. Yep, that’s heaven on a stick.

My favourite open-eyed meditation is….Riverina sunset. It’s where I grew up – country NSW – and it’s where my heart will stay

I cannot go a day without…a great coffee.  

Every cell in my body ignites when…I’m teaching yoga or when I’m the conduit for someone else’s breakthrough. I reckon I was born for that. 

I believe, I am, I create because…I believe I am just like you. I create because it hurts when I don’t.  

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A question for you.

Lucy blew me away with the following little part of her interview…

“These days I sit with the uncomfortable parts of me. I try and embrace what I most fear to acknowledge about myself. And I can honestly say that I’m as much darkness and despair as I am radiance and bliss. Sometimes I get totally, wildly pissed off at the world, sometimes I sulk and play the victim, sometimes I get hot with rage.”

And I want to ask you, how do you feel about sitting with the uncomfortable parts of yourself?

Let’s start a conversation about “The Shadow” in the comments below.

Big Love Meg x

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