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I have created this segment to celebrate the beautifully passionate & creative women that inspire me every single god-damn day! They are super soulful, empowered and sexy. But not the “take-your-top-off-and-grind-on-a-pole-kinda-sexy”. I am talkin’ real, raw, authentically sexy women. Women with passion. Women with purpose. Women with a fire so deep in their bellies they can’t help but create and share it with the world! That is what I call sexy. 

In this big ol’ world, we are taught to view our fellow females as our competition. This lures us into a state of constant envy, comparison, and jealousy.  You must forget all that bullshit right here, right now. I created this space so we could celebrate our fellow soul sistas together. We are going to be uplifted, inspired and empowered by these authentically sexy women. I want you clapping, cheering, even fist pumping from behind your screens for these saucy ladies. Cause I promise you they are definitely worth shoutin’ about! 

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Meet the gorgeous Juliet Allen.

If you venture to this space often (hey, I like you! ) you would know that I only discovered this beautifully, wonderful woman last week. Since then Juliet has seduced me with her words and enchanted me with her work.  I have fallen in love. After declaring my adoration for her & her work on the blog on Monday, Juliet and I have since connnected. And I was dying to delve a little deeper into her soul & have her answer my questions. Her answers… Unbelievably sexy.

This woman is not afraid to talk about sex… Not one little bit!

In fact she devotes her days to getting people to open up about the topic. To drop the humiliation, guilt and embarressment which this subject is so often tainted by. She encourages women, especially youth, to  accept their sexuality & embrace it as a sacred part of their being. 

Are you ready to get a little hot & bothered?

How  does what you do for moolah allow you to connect with your soul/spirit/God/ Divinity/ The Universe?

I stand for sexual empowerment & for the rights of everybody to truly and wholeheartedly listen to their body and their desires and follow them.  My journey leading up to my career as a Sexologist has been a wild adventure!  Alongside a lot of study, professional development and a lifelong commitment to learning, I am also on my own personal journey of sexual discovery. I believe this journey definitely connects me to my soul and to The Universal energy that is within me and this always motivates me to empower others to explore this sacred part of themselves.

“Women or God,” Mykonos said, “that’s the traditional choice for so-called spiritual men, you see. But it is a completely unnecessary choice. Women are God, sex is God, everything is God, and God is beyond everything, too.”– David Deida

 Describe when you feel your most spiritual?

“Sex. It means so much to people. For some people, it’s the only way they really let themselves open to God.” –  David Deida, Wild Nights

I used to teach a lot of Yoga and spend a lot of time alone; meditating and reflecting on my life.  At age 24 I spent 3 weeks alone in the Himalayas in Nepal, searching for inner peace and some sort of spiritual ‘awakening’.  All of these experiences were life-changing and Nepal was an absolutely beautiful/challenging/life-changing experience.

BUT…yes there’s a but… I look back now and believe I was chasing the stereotypical feeling of ‘spiritual’ and relying on what I thought would give me that, rather than inventing and discovering what that word truly meant for me.  Yoga and meditation definitely give me a feeling of clarity, which I love, but I always yearned for a deeper connection to Spirit.

I read a MUST READ book called Wild Nights by David Deida.  The book beautifully captures the essence of Sex as a spiritual practice.  Since reading that book and reflecting on my experience of sex throughout my life, I am comfortable and happy to say that, without a doubt, I feel most spiritual when I am engaging in sex and intimacy. 

Describe when you feel your most human?

Giving birth to my daughter was by far the most human and alive I have ever felt.  Allowing myself to be open, vulnerable and raw with my emotion always makes me feel human.  I don’t always find it easy to honor and surrender to my emotion, but when I do give myself permission to be vulnerable and open with my loved ones I always feel truly alive and free.

How important is it for you to harmonise both of these elements (the human & the spiritual) in your life? What kind of things do you do to embrace both sides? (Big -Double -whammy question.. I know! So excited to see your answer to this biggie!).

Oh gees, this is a double whammy! I believe both sides are as important as each other but I’m going to be completely honest and say sometimes I forget how important it is for me to nurture the spiritual side of my life! It’s easy to get carried away with ‘life’ and lose clarity on what makes me feel connected to my soul. When I lose clarity and feel like I’m getting caught up in the ‘humanness’ of life I do the following:

  • Begin journaling more often.  Writing helps me dive inward.
  • Become more conscious of what I’m eating and choose clean food that gives me energy and vitality.
  • Breath.  Bring my awareness back to my breath, especially in times of anxiety or stress.
  • Make time to just ‘be’, instead of always ‘achieving’ and ‘striving’ for more!
  • Make time for sex and orgasm. Yes, that includes self-loving too!
  • Light LOTS of candles and burn oils all day long! My home is my temple

What’s your favourite feeling to have at the end of the day, when you’re tucked up in bed, about to close your eyes and drift off into the unknown?

My favourite feeling is being held by my lover, being tucked up safe in her arms, hearing her breathing change as she falls asleep and pulling the doonah up tight around us both.

Can you give us the deets on the kind of things you do/ what your day looks like when you’re left with this “oh-my-gosh-that-was-such-a-killer-day” feeling?

A killer day for me consists of life’s simple pleasures:  Waking up with energy and vitality, cuddling my girls, going out for a morning coffee, spending time at home by myself, reading, writing and liaising with clients, picking up my little girl from school and having her run up to me for a hug, eating dinner with my partner and chatting about our day.

My career as a sexuality coach and educator definitely drives me and feeds my passion for empowering and educating others about sex, but in the end my family are my everything and I live for the love that we share!


My favourite open-eyed meditation is…. Deep, intimate + WILD sex.

I cannot go a day without… Coffee + Motherhood.

Every cell in my body ignites when… I swim in the ocean and dry off in the hot sunshine.

I believe, I am, I create because… I refuse to become another statistic in the rat race!  I feel most alive and happy when I am my own boss, doing what I am deeply passionate about and spending as much time as I can with my beautiful family.


Professional Bio: 

Juliet Allen stands for sexual empowerment & for the rights of everybody to truly and wholeheartedly listen to their body and their desires and follow them.  Juliet works 1:1 as a Sexuality Coach, working with people who are ready to dive into what their sexuality and desires mean to them and empowering people to embrace and accept that sacred part of themselves. She also works as a Sexuality Educator, facilitating inclusive sexuality and relationship workshops for young people in Australia.

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WOAH! I did warn you this lady LOVED to talk about sex.

I have no doubt that you were as seduced by Juliet’s whimsical words and captivated by her wonderful work as I am. 

So, let’s show Juliet some love in the comments below!

I’m sure she would love to hear your take on sex as a spiritual practice. 

Big Love Meg x

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