Blissin’ Out: Signs from the Universe

Last week I caught myself (more than once!) laughing out loud at the world around me.

Not out of humour, sarcasm or disgust – but out of complete and utter JOY. I found myself laughing at how perfectly everything in my life seems to be falling into place, laughing at how effortlessly the Universe is delivering me signs, laughing at our unbelievably supported and abundant I truly am.

Abraham calls this “your grid filling in”. The time after which you’ve shot your rockets of desires out into the world and you start to actually experience signs of them coming into fruition. I feel like my grid is filling in at a rapid pace.

I’ve been shooting BIG rockets of desire out into the world all year long. Some relating to money. Some relating to “work”. Some relating to my relationship. Some relating to my location.

And right now – my grid seems to be filling in (very rapidly!) for each and every one of them.

So I’m settling into the knowledge that all is . All I must do now it relax and enjoy the ride.

It’s feeling very blissful already! 

Blissful Little Tidbits

1. Blissin’ Out Workshop

On Saturday, the beautiful Tash and I guided a beautiful bunch of women through a magical morning of yoga, journalling, nibbling, tea drinking, chatting, meditating and dancing. 

Since then, I’ve been absolutely BLOWN AWAY by the beautiful responses I’ve had from the beauties that attended! In fact, I ended the day in tears (overwhelmingly joyous ones!).

If you weren’t already aware: Yoga & Dance make a killer combination! 

graniteimage-9 yoga 1

 2. Custard Apples

I’ve never really been crazy for fruit. I would struggle (and have!) without the humble banana in my life – but apart from that, fruits never really been my thing. 

That is of course, until I started dating a fruit-obsessed young man fresh outta the organic produce industry. So as of late I’ve been persuaded to invite more of nature’s sweet stuff into my life. And the latest of her gifts that I’ve added to the mix is the custard apple. 

Let’s just say, the name is NOT deceiving. She is just as delicious as she sounds!


Note: After my boyfriend’s description, I was so excited to dig into this magical fruit there was no time to pose for any photos wit her. So here’s snap of a bunch of custard apples piled on top of each other for you to drool over instead. 

3. Sweet, slow Sunday’s

Waking up without the sound of an alarm. Markets with my man. Big breakfasts and sneaky sweets (The best raw profiterole I ever did taste!). A box full of fresh fruit and veg. Midday naps. Teaching a packed and incredibly present afternoon yoga class. An evening of red wine, pumpkin soup and family fun.  

And then just before my head hit the hay I had the BIGGEST download of fresh inspiration that’ll no doubt be coming your way soon!

Sunday, you were BEYOND perfect. 

yoga class



What’s had you BLISSIN’ OUT? 

I’d LOVE to share in your joy!

Big Love Meg x

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