Stop Striving. Start Aligning.

Whether it’s a promotion, a new lover, a whole lot of money or all of the above – it’s great to know what you want. 

Yet sometimes on the road to “achieving” our desires we can get a little desperate. We can fall into an energy of striving, pushing and manipulating.

But experiencing what you want is meant to be FUN. In fact, it’s only when you choose to step back, ease up and allow that your desire can come into fruition. I know this most likely goes against everything you’ve been brought up to believe (hard work is the only road to success) but I promise you striving will only leave you feeling like you’re on an eternal hamster wheel – running, running, running yet getting nowhere. 

Press play below to discover how you can get off this never-ending wheel of exhaustion and jump on the path of least resistant towards all of your desires. 

Are you striving or pushing to “make” your dreams a reality?

Are you feeling desperate and exhausted on the road to getting what you want? 

I’d love you to share you experiences in the comments below and we can discuss how best to move more quickly in the direction of your desires. 

Big Love Meg x

4 Comments to “Stop Striving. Start Aligning.”

  1. “The more effort I have to put into trying to attain it, the more I know I’m doing something wrong. ”
    Absolutely yes – so powerful. Tucking that gem into my back pocket for safe keeping.
    T x

  2. Therese says:

    Thank you Meg.. That is so what I needed to hear right now. I’ve been struggling with getting a business idea off the ground , but now see that yes, I have been straining and striving out of a desperate fear.
    Instead now, thanks to your beautiful wisdom, I shall take a step back and allow myself to align with all that is waiting there for me..
    Therese x

    • Ahhhh i find striving is especially at it’s peak around business. Often we go into business though to feel more FREEDOM – and with an energy of push, push, push we don’t get to experience this at all.

      Thrilled to hear you’re taking a step back. Be prepared for a whole lot more JOY and EFFORTLESSNESS.


  3. V says:

    Meg! ahh! that was amazing!
    Quyanaa (thank you) so very much for that. I know this is an older video but I recently heard about you from an older podcast you were on and had to look up your blog. I really like what you said about why it is that we need to see ourselves in the future so that we can mirror what it is that we want to attract. I hear people say this all the time and I’ve been doing it, though there are times it doesn’t feel authentic as I know I’m not there yet (striving). I know and believe in the Law Of Attraction and I get and do visualization, and I’m being more intentional about it now, I sometimes find myself feeling silly because I’m not aligned and I know I’m not there yet. Your video is the first time I’ve heard someone say (or it just stuck out to me) why it is that we need to visualize ourselves as already being in that space of having what it is what we want because that is what our soul/vibration will mirror and attract. like/lack attracts like/lack. I feel much more restful with my journey and transtitioning time. Thank you for that. :)

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