Supercharge your yoga practice with essential oils

This year marks the 6th year I’ve been practicing yoga & the 4th year I’ve been teaching! 
Although it’s been a little while, I can still remember the feelings of frustration & anger that my first few classes brought up for me!

The deep discomfort of being still.
The loud and ever-present voice of doubt in my mind.
The comparison I felt with every other human in the room. 

Now days, I don’t experience as much discomfort, my inner voice isn’t as loud and I’ve definitely learnt to “Stay on my own mat” – but don’t get me wrong, my time on the mat isn’t always complete BLISS!

Some days I’m so in my head I need a bit of help to sink into the practice. And this, my friends, is where essential oils come in!

Using essential oils for the past 3 years in my own practice & with my students has shown me that they can powerfully support us to practice real yoga – the kind that transforms how we show up in the world!

The kind where we are present, aware & connected with our breath!

Yoga as a ritual. Not just a stretch session.

You want that, right?

Let me walk you through how I use essential oils to super-charge me practice!

How do I choose my oils for my yoga practice? 

Before I jump onto my mat, I always choose some essential oils to guide me. Although I’ll do this before my feet hit the mat, this choosing of oils isn’t separate to my yoga. It’s a divine & integral part of the whole experience!

Choosing an oil before I practice inspires me to ask the questions: 

 “How am I feeling right now?” “How would I like to feel?”.

Before I had the ritual of using essential oils, it would sometimes be half way through my practice OR not at all, that I contemplated how I felt or how I wanted to feel! Now, I’m asking myself these questions way before my first down dog! At the same time they’re helping me set an INTENTION & choose a tool to help me cement into that INTENTION as I move through my practice. Freaking EPIC, right? 


“How am I feeling right now?” –  Scattered.
“How would I like to feel?”    Grounded and Present.
Then I choose an oil that I know will help me feel grounded (eg. Frankincense). 

Not sure what oils will help create your desired feeling?

Well, if your intention is to have a more Uplifting  practice you’ll want your more uplifting Mints & Citrus Oils (eg. Peppermint, Easy Air, Wild Orange).
If you intention is for a Slower & Softer Practice you’ll want your more grounding & soothing Trees, Roots or Flower Oils (eg. Frankincense, Vetiver, Balance, Lavender, Rose).

Or another way to decide on your oils is to intuitively choose (I love playing with this!).

How to Intuitively Choose Oils: 

  1. Get your collection of essential oils out (no matter how big or small) 
  2. Close your eyes
  3. Hover your hands above your collection of oils and ask “Which oil is best going to support me to feel grounded & present?”.
  4. Choose whichever oil your hands are being called to! (Maybe there’s a warmth under your palms or you body is just telling you to stop over a particular one).

Once I’ve chosen my oils, I’ll ALWAYS but some in the diffuser if I’m practicing in doors. Then I’ll take one to the mat to to help me connect a little deeper (see below for how I do this!).

My Top 3 Oils for the Mat: 

  1. Easy Air
    This is a blend designed specifically for respiration! And as yoga (and life!) is ALL about the breath, I never practice without this one by my side.
    How to use:  As soon as your bum hits the mat place 1 x drop in your palms, rub hands together, then take at least 5 deep breaths into your hands.
    I’ll always follow this with a few rounds of Nadi-Shodana (alternate nostril breathing), but with a twist so I get the most out of the oils.
    Watch this video to learn the technique. 
  2. Frankincense 
    For millenia,
     Frankincense has been used in ritual & ceremonies all over the world! It’s been revered for it’s abilities to reconnect us with whatever Higher Power we believe in! This powerful resin, helps to focus energy, minimise distractions and improve concentration. Also known as the “Oil of Truth” – Frankincense can help us come Home to our True Self and release the stories, labels and energy that aren’t ours to keep!
    Can you understand why this is one super-powered tool to bring to your mat? 
    How to use: Rub a drop into your Third Eye (between brow) and take a few deep breaths from the bottle before you begin your practice.  Amazing diffused too!
  3. Balance
    Ahhhh, there’s not many days I go without this oil somewhere on my body at some point. Known as the grounding blend, this guy makes for a very special, present time on the mat. When I’m feeling scattered or I’ve spent the day giving LOTS of my energy away – a little time with Balance while I sprawl out in Savasana is the perfect medicine!
    How to use: Take a drop or two of Balance in your palms and massage it into your feet during your practice. Take time to feel your feet and give them love! Be sure to spend a few breaths breathing in the oil too!

Don’t have your own oils to play with yet? 

Wander over here to access doTERRA oils at  Wholesale Prices. I promise you, they’ll not only super-charge you yoga practice BUT YOUR ENTIRE LIFE!

Sending so much joy, connection and love your way!

I truly hope your yoga practice is injected with so much JUICE when you bring your oils to the mat!
Big Love Meg x

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