Why you DON’T need a Life Coach

  You are connected to Infinite Intelligence - the energy that creates worlds, holds the stars in the skies and keeps your heart beating. And you are here on this Earth to use the intelligence of this force to create a life that feels good (really good!). The Universe is so eager...
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Abundant Beings: Travis Eric

If you frequent this space a lot, you'll know I am Abraham obsessed. When I'm not writing, eating, teaching or practicing yoga, you would most likely find me somewhere in my house attached to my laptop watching hours and hours of Abraham on Youtube. And that is exactly how I discovered...
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How to Be Happy (Law of Attraction style)

The only thing stopping you from being Happy is your focus. And that, my friend, is the TRUTH! Your focus is your point of attraction! In this energetically bound Universe, it’s the force which magnetises your future experiences towards you. (For more on that watch this amazing...
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