Suffering, Pain & Hate: Why?

Hate isn’t the opposite of love, nor is it the absence of love.  Hate is an illusion. A product of the mind born from a disconnection from the Soul. Hate is the ignorance of love. The inability to see love. A result of your own forgetfulness. Everything is Consciousness/ God/...
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Blissin’ Out

I'm currently VIBING at a frequency of pure GRATITUDE.  After a weekend, which I can only describe as one of pure PRESENCE, I feel incredibly expansive. On Saturday, nestled up in a private rainforest, I was honoured to take part in a sacred ceremony devoted to life, love and healing. I...
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Blissin’ Out – Happy Healing Day

Early last week my body decided she was tired of being pushed around.  She'd had enough of me doing, doing, doing. She was in desperate need of some rest. So she sent me a message. And that message came in the form of a big-ass case of Eczema (taking up 3/4 of my face and a whole heap of...
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