Why you DON’T need a Life Coach

  You are connected to Infinite Intelligence - the energy that creates worlds, holds the stars in the skies and keeps your heart beating. And you are here on this Earth to use the intelligence of this force to create a life that feels good (really good!). The Universe is so eager...
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Your only business is the is-ness

Manifesting... it’s become somewhat of a buzz word, hasn’t it? Everyone’s got us believing that anything is possible. And hell yes for that! We are indeed all Beings of infinite potentiality. Anything we desire can be ours. BUT why aren’t we, well,…experiencing more of the good...
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Blissin’ Out

I've blissed out on this before - a few times actually ( uno & duo). But here I am again, at the end of a beautiful week completely and utterly HIGH off of human connection. My week was a blissful culmination of long-awaited catch ups, wonderfully random run ins, and bursts of quality...
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