Are you Having (Emotionally) Safe Sex?

You know what safe sex is, right?  No glove = No love.  Well, it might not be that simple. Yes, throwing on a condom is likely to protect us from  falling pregnant or contracting STD's, but what it won't protect us from are the less tangible dangers of sex. Yep. the ones that we...
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I’m Back… And ready to serve

Simply opening up this white blank page to type feels good. I must admit, before I decided to part ways with this space for a while, I was feeling a little dry. Writing was beginning to feel a little chore-like. But now (after an incredibly refreshing break) I'm dripping with enthusiasm,...
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Sexy Soul Sistas – Juliet Allen

JulietAllen I have created this segment to celebrate the beautifully passionate & creative women that inspire me every single god-damn day! They are super soulful, empowered and sexy. But not the "take-your-top-off-and-grind-on-a-pole-kinda-sexy". I am talkin' real, raw, authentically sexy...
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