Blissin’ Out – Aligning my Actions with my Values

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I value family. I always have. They mean the world to me. My family is a very close knit bunch and I am forever-grateful for their influence and place in my life.

Sounds beautiful hey? Makes you feel all gooey inside.

I’m sorry, but this week I realised this was a bunch of bull. (Please read on. I am not a cold-hearted bitch – I promise!). 

Life has been a little hectic for me lately. Not a struggling kinda hectic. A fun, thrilling, go-go-go kinda hectic where there is always someone new to meet, something fun to experience, something exciting to do. I have loved it. But as my life has transitioned into fifth gear, I have buckled my family into the back seat.

I value family. Yeah, I could say that. But unless these words are reflected in my actions they are simply just that – words.  Empty, meaningless fluff. I am here to admit that this is what they had become. My life was not a reflection of my values. I was not spending time with my family. I was taking them for granted. I was not showing them gratitude for their position in my life.

This week this truth hit me straight between the eyes. But as soon as I realised it I got straight to work on realigning my life with my values.

On Friday night I cooked a big feast for my family and we all sat down to watch a movie. I spent more conscious time with them. Phone away. Computer closed. Eyes, ears and heart open to them. I was present in their company. 

It’s been a quick turnaround but I think its pretty safe to say the words that graced the top of this post now hold a whole lotta truth. Why now? Cause my actions reflect these words.

I am living out my values. And it feels pretty flipping wonderful.

This week I am blissin’ out on aligning my actions with my values.

I challenge you to do the same. Take a look at your life. Does it reflect the things you truly believe in?

No? Well realign, my Gorgeous ones. Either realise you need to change your values or change your behaviour. Just don’t continue to live with the dissonance. Don’t make your values empty, meaningless fluff.  

Blissful Little Tidbits

1. Food, Fun & Photoshoots 


I took part in a beautiful shoot with Karla from Times of Layt for the gorgeously glowing Jo from The Luminous Kitchen a few weeks ago. This woman is  an absolute goddess behind the lens. Her styling is faultless, her eye for detail is quite out of the world and by god can Jo cook! I was pretty blown away by this lovely lady & I think you will be too. Venture over here to see more photos from the shoot & to loose yourself in the wonderful world of foodie goodness.

2. Battling the Cooler Days 

Cooler, windier days found their way to my part of the world this week. But instead of employing my usual Winter battle tactics, wallowing in self-pity and praying the heat would return,  I chose to take on this change of season in my favourite arena – the kitchen. I was an absolute cooking machine. The week saw me whipping up  warming curries, creating the best peanut butter satay sauce, experimenting with my morning oats, squeezing out freshly made Almond Mylk, all whilst having a constant batch of Coco Chai brewing on the stove. Meg = 1. Cold, Wintery Days = 0. 


3. Pumping my Creative Juju 

Earlier in the week I shared with you Gorgeous peeps on Facebook the exciting plans I have in store for the next few months. My creative juju is peaking at the moment and I am currently riding the brilliant wave that is inspired action. What a ride it is!

This week I worked with the incredibly funny, bright, bubbly & talented Bayleigh Vedelago on some special, special snaps for these special, special projects I am working on. I cannot wait to be able to share them with you.  They are going to be a whole lotta fun and a lil’ bit of naughty all wrapped up in one. I hope I have you excited!



My budding little Cherubs, what fun-filled adventures did you have this week?

What did you learn? How did you feel? What had your heart racing? Who got your being beaming?

Share & Declare what had you blissin’ out! 

Here are a few of your Blissed Out moments from Instagram so far. #blissinout


Infinite Gratitude to you for stopping by this space. I am forever thankful to be able to share my adventures with you.

Big Love Meg x

Image via Noreen Clindinning 

4 Comments to “Blissin’ Out – Aligning my Actions with my Values”

  1. Jo says:

    *blushing* Thank you my darling for your beautiful words. I love this whole post and the gentle reminder to give more of ourselves to the people we hold dearest. I have Skype sessions lined up all afternoon with my family in South Africa!!

  2. Emily says:

    These words are so perfectly timed, Meg! Just what I’d come to realise this week – you’re cutting straight to my heart ~~~~ !
    Thanks a heck load xoxoxo

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