The Purpose of the Whole Entire Universe (& Why I Eat Plants).


I eat a plant-based, whole foods, mainly organic diet.

Yes that means I eat vegan. But to me that label feels odd.

I mean, I love the fact that in eating the food I do, I am not partaking in the maltreatment of any living being. However, this is not the sole reason for my food choices.

Let me use the words of the divine Eckart Tolle to explain.

“You are the Universe expressing itself as a human being for a little while”

Read it again.

Take a moment to let it sink in.


Has it hit you yet?

Powerful fucking stuff!

For me, in this simple little sentence, Mr Tolle perfectly sums up the meaning of life.

We are here on this Earth for our souls (the Universe) to grow, learn & evolve.
It’s all about our inner selves.

That Universal force within us. GOD. SPIRIT. The DIVINE.
Whatever you want to call it.

Our mission is to realise that this force does in fact exist within us & to do everything in our power to strengthen it. When we look at life in this perspective our obsession with the body starts to dissolve.

We start to realise that WE ARE NOT OUR BODIES.

They are simply the vessel, which enables this beautifully transcendent process of soulful evolution to happen.

So what the FLIP does this have to do with me eating plants?


Our purpose here as human beings is to allow for the evolution of our soul, right?

And the only way for this to occur is through these beautiful bodies of ours, right?

So, shouldn’t we be nurturing them to our greatest possible potential to enable our soul the greatest time imaginable to grow and in turn carry out our purpose?

The answer, my friends, is a big fat YES!

When I realised this my relationship with food changed oh-so-dramatically.

The food I eat is soul food.

It makes me feel empowered, strong, worthy, satisfied and loved.

When choosing what I eat I question whether or not it is going to nourish my being and as a result allow me to continue this journey of self-discovery, soul-searching and adventure for longer.

However, this has not always been the case.

We are conditioned to link food strongly with our emotions.

We binge when we are bored, tired, bored, sad, bored, angry, bored.

Food for me used to have such a strong emotional link. My purpose for eating was about how the food was going to make me feel on an emotional level. (And I still struggle with this.)

But now I am driven to choose foods based on the cravings of my soul. I want to be on the Earth for as long a possible.

Don’t get me wrong, I still believe food can bring fun, laughter, joy, excitement, comfort and whole lot of other wonderful feelings.

But obtaining these feelings  should not be the primary reason driving our food choices!

Don’t worry,  I am not asking you to give up everything and live a life on green juice & lemon water.

But if you are serious about nourishing your soul you gotta start nourishing your body.

Start to question your eating habits and what role your body is currently holding in your life.

Is it simply the structure that gets you from A to B? Or is it an amazing vessel enabling you to carry out your divine purpose? 

Next time you sit down to eat ask yourself..

“Is this SOUL food?”

“Is it going to nourish the hell outta my cells?”

“Is it going to make me feel ALIVE?”

“Will it help me evolve on this beautiful Earth for a lil’ longer?”

For me, I feel that eating predominately organic, plant-based foods is the best possible way to give my spirit more time on this beautiful Earth to evolve, adventure and create!

And, as a bonus,  I find that eating foods that are so close to their natural source helps connect me back with the Universe. And because we as humans are connected to all that is, eating this way brings me closer to myself.

But if that isn’t enough to convince you, come drool over some of my soul food creations.

Although your probably still swooning over my foodie goodness make sure you…

Find your own brand of soul food.

You don’t need to subscribe to any particular fad, label or diet. 

Whatever makes your cells hum with happiness and your heart beat a little stronger and longer – that’s your soul food, Baby!

So share with me below. What is your soul food? And how does it make you feel?

Big Love Meg x

Image via Noel Barnhurst.

11 Comments to “The Purpose of the Whole Entire Universe (& Why I Eat Plants).”

  1. Tara Caetano says:

    What a beautiful post!! I am already so in love with your blog, I can hear your soul singing to me through the screen with every post I read.

    Well done on an amazing space lovely, looking forward to following on!


  2. Rachel Hendrie says:

    Hi Meg,
    I’m really really inspired by everything about your blog and your beautiful words! I’m glad I had a look, I can’t stop reading! I can really relate to your words at the moment and I look forward to the next post so KEEP GOING – clearly you are a very special soul we need more of you around! (You probably don’t remember me I’m Emma Ticks best friend).

    X Rachel

  3. Cynthia says:

    Wow Meg! This is such a spot on post for me. I was nodding along the whole way. Absolutely loving your divine words lady. C.xx

  4. Irena says:

    So beautiful and so freaking TRUE! Plant based foods nourish the soul so much <3 gorgeous post, thanks for sharing x

  5. Jade says:

    MAGNIFICENT article. So beautifully, truthfully expressed. And my spirit agrees with every bit of it!

  6. I really enjoyed reading this! Very inspiring. That’s such a fantastic quote by Tolle too!

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