It’s time to connect with Mumma Earth

All that is

I didn’t grow up watching the moon or running in meadows. 
Nor did I have any particular affinity for Mother Earth, the stars, the ocean.
I was a city girl. A kid that grew up in the suburbs. My closest thing to really being deeply immersed in nature were a few farm stays we did when I was young.

Yet part of me can’t even fathom a time where I did not look at the sky in awe of the clouds. Or stand beneath Father Sun, him beaming his rays down upon me and me beaming my appreciation right back! I cannot remember a life where I did not know with every cell of my body that plants speak, and possess the most potent wisdom and healing on this planet.

For today, Mumma Earth is such a potent & present part of my existence. In fact, aside from my own Inner Being, She is my most powerful guide.

She is whom soothes & softens me,
whom reminds me of my connection to the Cosmos and all that exists,
whom shows me that miracles are a natural part of existence.
She is whom models to me that all can be done with ease,
whom reminds me that I am a fucking powerful force of nature myself!

I have only just come to really recognise that as my relationship and communion with Mother Earth has deepened so to have my relationship to the WHOLE OF ME, and All-That-Is!

These powerful words embody so wholly how my appreciation of Mumma Earth has led me home to myself.

“As you begin to cherish the earth, the song of a bird, the beauty of a flower, and feel a oneness with it all, what you are doing is releasing parts of your frozen consciousness to join again with that love light that is your essential being.

A sense of oneness with all things of the earth is a good indication that you have claimed back into yourself those portions that have evolved through various experiences. This leads to the total knowing of the earth as one with your own being. Literally, it is”  – Emmanuel’s Book

If you’ve been looking for a teacher, a guide, a Maestro, a guru – look no further.

She is here. She’s always been here.
It’s time let her lead you Home.

It is through our appreciation of Mumma Earth that we return to our natural state of power & connection. She is the portal back to our own inner wisdom.


So here’s a few suggestions that you might like to try to help build a relationship with Mumma Earth & have her guide you home.

5 Powerful Ways to Consciously Commune with Mumma Earth

  1. Deeply and consciously breathe in her life giving oxygen
    Bringing awareness to your breath and to the fact that without Mumma Nature’s trees we would not have have life in our bodies. Feel appreciation wash over your body!
  2. Stand in the sun and appreciate
    For me this is where I feel most appreciative of .
    Feel the rays absorbing into your skin. The warmth it creates in your body. The fire & energy it builds within you.
  3. Harness the power of plants
    Plants were not put here by accident. They hold incredible powers. The capacity to kick-start our bodies natural healing abilities, to return us to a state of wholeness. For me, I harness the power of plants using essential oils. They are what I turn to for everything (mind, body, emotions, spirit), For I know that we can be completely supported by what Mother Earth provides us. Learn more about essential oils with me here. 
  4. Earth Yourself
    Bare feet. On the grass/ dirt/ mud/ sand let yourself absorb Her power
  5. Notice Her
    Even if you live in a built up city, nature is everywhere. Look up at the sky. Take notice of the moon and where She is in her cycle. Be aware of the weather. Be still & listen to your plants. Start to see and know Mother Earth as a real, life-giving entity. A provider. A keeper of Wisdom. A guide. A Mother to us all.

Note: This list is by far not exhaustive. Really any way that you feel like you are aware and appreciative of the natural world means you are communing with Mother Earth and taking a step back towards yourself.

How do you connect with Mumma Earth? 

Here’s to remembering we are one with the Earth.

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  1. Yes girl!!!! I like it. Even though I’m living in the netherlands and the hours of sun are far off from the quantity i’d like to see.. this post is something i can really resonate with. so thanks for writing it, i always like receiving your newsletters, like it’s a bit of a break to tune in to my soul and mumma earth (like you say it – my favorite word of all times is pachamama.. why would that be..). So thanks from a grey the hague! XXX

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