The Best Two days of My entire life

Two weeks ago I took part in a two-day retreat. 

And to put it quite simply – those two days were the most DIVINE two days of My. Entire. Life. (I kid you NOT!).

In addition to being super pumped for me, you’ll be happy (& surprised!) to know that this experience wasn’t the product of some fancy shmancy health escape. I didn’t have to flee deep into the hinterland or fork out the kinda cash that makes you feel queasy, to experience all that I experienced.

In actual fact, I didn’t even have to leave my house.

Say whhaaaaaaht?!!!!


It’s my DIVINE pleasure to introduce you to Journey With, an at-home-retreat package, with one simple, yet very fucking effective instruction. 

“Do only what makes you feel good for two days…. Nothing else.”

Side note: It does also strongly suggest that this (doing what feels good) encompass switching off from technology and scheduling two days off your life!


I was giddy with excitement leading up to my retreat. Simply the thought of switching off my phone and signing off social media made my muscles melt. So when I chose to officially unplug the night before, and sit down to the first of my two beautiful retreat workbooks, I was already experiencing a shift in my energy. As I began honing in on how I wanted to FEEL over the next 48 hours, a deep sense of relaxation began to flood my body.

Yep, this was going to be GOOD!


This was how I desired to feel. And instead of getting caught up in planning, prediciting or structuring how I wanted the retreat to look, I held these words front of mind alongside my intention to follow my highest excitment in each and every moment (a.k.a. Do whatever the fuck I felt like!).

And here’s a taste of what that manifested as…

Woke naturally (ah the incredible freedom of this!). Slowly got out of bed and pottered around the house. Oil pulled. Read. Drunk a smoothie in the garden. Went back to sleep. Coffee enema-ed. Read. Journaled. Meditated. Danced. Sipped tea in the shade. Bush adventured. Tree hugged. Creek swam. Sand scrubbed. Butterfly gazed. Hugged some more tress. High vibrational lunch. Blessed my meals. Ate slowly, consciously and mindfully. Meditated some more. Potted succulents. Played with crystals. Yoga. Journaled. Collage time. More meditation. 


Ahhhh it was all f*cking GLORIOUSLY FUN! 

But here’s the thing, and a VERY, VERY IMPORTANT THING it is….

It wasn’t so much what I DID that made these the two most divinely amazing days of my existence.

No, my friends, it was how I FELT!


I experienced Eckhart Tolle-like* presence. I was completely mesmerized by all that was occurring around me, at one point even spending 15+ minutes intensely following the movements of a single butterfly.

To be quite honest, I felt STONED the entire time! 

*This guy spent two years on a park bench just staring joyfully out at the world. 



Pre-Journey Within I thought I did a pretty good job of following my excitement. I was convinced my days were a reflection of my highest joy in each moment (at least for the most part!). But my two-day retreat had me thinking very differently. The freedom, liberation and pure PRESENCE I experienced was nothing like what I had been experiencing on a day-to-day basis. It was monumentally much more magnificent!  And after having a taste of just how f*cking good that felt, well of course… I WANTED MORE! 

So my post-retreat life is going to look and FEEL a little different to my pre-retreat life.

That’s half the beauty of taking a lil’ time off isn’t it? You gain clarity on what’s working and what might need a wee-bit o’ tweaking. 

Post-Journey Within I realize how much of my days were in fact guided by “obligations” or unconscious routine. I had come to convince myself that emails, Instagram and Facebook were more important than my connection with the Divine. After surviving and in fact thriving for 48 hours without any of these things, its quite clear to me now that they were a BIG reason I’d never experience such DIVINE PRESENCE before.

Our actions (and therefore our reality) are a direct reflection of our beliefs. Pre-retreat much of my life was taken up by social media, a reflection of my belief in the importance of maintaining my online presence.

Now, I believe that CONNECTION to the DIVINE is my greatest priority.

And in order to cement this belief into my existence, I’m committed to taking action. This means….

Less:  Phone. Social media. Spiritual practice fuelled by “obligation”. 

More: Nature (most importantly Tree Hugging!).  Blessing food. Sacredness. Creative activities

But most of all, it means I’m going to do my best follow the Journey Within mantra…

“Do what feels good…. and nothing else.”

photo 2

BIG THANKS + A gift for you


To the beautiful Che – I am infinitely grateful. Journey Within has been an absolute GIFT to my existence. She is pure MAGIC!


Although it would be very simple to create your own at-home style retreat (stock up on whatever makes you feel good, switch off your phone and follow your excitement for two days!), there was something incredibly powerful about Journey Within. Everything within the box felt sacred, everything felt like a gift. And because often solitude and silence can be a little daunting, having  the love notes and the (unbelievably powerful, thought provoking) workbooks, which are beautifully crafted by Che herself, makes you feel like you aren’t alone after all. This special, sacred box and all the energy it holds allows you to feel completely nurtured, supported and held the entire journey- something I truly doubt I would have been able to feel if I’d have crafted my own retreat alone.

***In honour of my DIVINE experience with Journey Within, Che is offering a 10% discount on this MAGICAL product until 1st March.***

Jump over here to CHANGE YOU LIFE! (I’m really not kidding when I say that!). 

Discount Code: HOME

And if you’ve got any questions, Lovely lady, pop them in a comment below or swing me an email at


Big Love Meg x

11 Comments to “The Best Two days of My entire life”

  1. Tracey says:

    This is super inspiring to read Meg! Those feelings sound pretty bloody awesome to me and also what I am craving….plus a good unplug! I love that you write so much about connecting with nature. Something I’m going to start doing more- not because I feel I have to- but because it brings me joy and feels effin great!

    Thanks for this write up! Going to look into it now :) Trace XX

  2. Chandra says:

    Your experience sounds so wonderful! But even with the coupon code it is so expensive! Is it really worth it?

  3. Chloe says:

    Wow Meg this sounds like it was absolutely incredible experience and I really enjoyed hearing about it.

    I can totally relate to feeling in awe of what is going on around you and your experience with the butterfly. At a Vipassana meditation retreat I found myself mesmerised by butterflies and even watched in awe as one lady bug crawled up, down around strands of grass for 45 minutes!

    I love the idea of doing what feels good for you (and nothing else!) how rejuvenating!

  4. Aw, this sounds absolutely wonderful! What a fantastic idea. I agree that we need to make space to unplug, and I definitely need to prioritize actual presence over online presence. Thank you for the reminder!

  5. Kylie says:

    You make me want to do a home retreat this very minute!! Sounds like such a divine weekend!

  6. Steph says:

    Wow Meg!
    I could feel your peace and presence jumping off the page:)
    So beautifully written.
    I’m Soooo inspired to book one in!

  7. Kris says:

    Brilliant! Che is a goddess and I’m so glad you had such a richly rewarding experience. We all need to do something like this, it’s sacred, our soul needs it x

  8. Beautiful Meg!! Definitely something I would love to do pre my baby being born. Thanks for sharing! x

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