Why you DON’T need a Life Coach



You are connected to Infinite Intelligence – the energy that creates worlds, holds the stars in the skies and keeps your heart beating. And you are here on this Earth to use the intelligence of this force to create a life that feels good (really good!).

The Universe is so eager for you to live out this purpose (to feel good!) that you were born with an Inner Guidance System to help you know – every step along the way – when you were diverging from this all-knowing energy. This Guidance System of yours is constantly communicating with you via your emotions.

When you feel good, it’s a sign you’re connected.
You are open to the Universe, ready to effortlessly receive her gifts.
You are moving in the direction of what you want.

When you feel frustrated/ disillusioned/ angry/ upset/ defeated/ alone/ [insert emotion that does not feel good here], it’s a sign you are disconnected from this force.
You are closing yourself off from receiving what you desire.
You are moving away from your natural state of health, wealth and joy.

Listening to your emotions, and choosing to realign your thoughts and patterns of belief when you notice a disconnection, is the key to living a life that feels good and attracting towards you the things you really want. 

Yet often you forget your own Divinity, you forget all of this intelligence lies within. And so, you seek out sages, gurus, teachers and leaders – anyone who appears more ascended, more divine, more knowing than you.

YES, their teachings may help.
YES, their knowledge may work to put you in a better state than you were before.

BUT this not because they are any different to you.
This is not because they are giving you something you don’t already have.
This is ONLY because they are reconnecting you with something you have temporarily forgotten.

Until you realise that YOU possess the power to create your own reality, you will constantly be searching, seeking and depending on these coaches/ teachers/ gurus to “make you feel good”.

As a life coach, I DON’T want to have “regular” clients. I don’t want to see people coming back to me time and time again, seeking my advice. All I work to do, is show people how to tap into their Inner Guidance then send them on their sweet, happy way! (If this sounds like something you want help with email me: meg@adventuringhome.com).

Maybe this takes one session, maybe it takes three, but what I’ve come to realise is that the only way to successfully help clients get what they want is to make them realise they don’t need me!

My friends, all the answers lie within YOU.
Don’t let anyone ever convince you otherwise. 






P.S. Keen to take life into your own hands but just aren’t sure how? 
I’d be happy to help guide you back to your own Infinite Intelligence.
Email me: meg@adventuringhome.com (I’ve got some special discounts + Group Coaching Packages for early 2016).

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