Sexy. Passionate. Uninhibited. Soulful. (And a lil’ bit naughty).
She’s blazing a trail. Forging her own path. Creating one hell of a life.


Pssst. I have a little secret for you.

That woman… You are already
her. She is you.

You might feel her come to the surface sometimes. When you have that brilliant idea, that burst of creativity, that incredible zest for life. Yep. That is her! That is YOU!

But then her spirit seems to dim. The fears, the limiting beliefs, the ego-based thoughts – they become all-consuming. Self-doubt, judgment & comparison – you start drowning in a sea of them. Suddenly that brilliant idea seems stupid. That burst of creativity has lost its flare. That incredible zest for life has become too damn hard to maintain. And that woman? Well, you think yourself silly for ever believing her to be you. You convince yourself she was a dream. You accept that life is hard. You trod on…

But deep down, below all that ickiness, hidden under the struggle, you know she’s still there. You know you deserve more. You know that life just isn’t meant to feel so… blah…

The problem?

You just don’t know how to track Her down.

And that’s where I come in. You have been guided here for a reason. This is your chance to reclaim your true nature and create your best possible life.

My special brand of life coaching is called 
Reality Alchemy.

And with it I can help you bring this sexy, passionate, uninhibited, soulful woman to the forefront of your life. I can help you remember that you are Her in every god-damn moment.

I’m not here to…

Change you. Transform you.  Or make you any better! Girl, you are already perfect!

I am here to help you…

  • Get rid of all the shit currently taking up residence right on top of your true, shining self.
  • Think self-doubts, limiting beliefs, fears, resistance, worries, anxiety.
  • We are gonna fly-kick these beasts to the curb!
  • I am going to help you step into her shoes. Yes, that woman you have always been striving to become. You are going to realise you ARE her.
  • And like a true alchemist, once you are reacquainted with your inner power, I am going to help you turn your current reality into one of pure gold!

Feeling stuck, confused, lost, overwhelmed?

Yep. I can bring you clarity. I can help you navigate this life with ease. I can help you create that vibrant, soulful, passion-filled reality you’ve been craving.

Got big dreams? Enormous plans? A big, bursting heart?

Yes!  I can work with that. Hell I wanna work with that! We can make those dreams a reality, Baby!

Working with me, you will:

1. Get naked.get-naked

Metaphorically, of course. You will strip off attachments, release judgment and let go of guilt. You will start to pin point exactly what is keeping you from your true self. You will stare your limiting beliefs right between the eyes and call them out on their BS. You will start to take the power back from your external environment.

2. Clean up your reality.

Your entire life will get a spring clean. You will get rid of anything that isn’t serving you. Relationships. Food. Alcohol. Drugs. Thoughts. Behaviour patterns. If they’re not making you feel amazing – well they’re gonna get the flick! But don’t worry, you will learn to release these in a way that feels natural, organic and liberating.

3. Get cosy with yourself.

As we strip back all the shiz and clean up your reality, you will get to meet HER – that woman deep within. You will learn how to tap into your intuition, how to live life through your inner guide. You will learn how to love yourself. Deeply, truly, and unconditionally. And once you have delved into all of this, you will discover what drives you, what ignites that fire in your belly, what exactly you are on this Earth to do.

4. Create magic.

By tapping into the power of manifestation & intention setting, you will become acquainted with your inner magician. You will learn how to ask the Universe for exactly what you desire and how to open yourself up to receiving all of her gifts. With these tools you will learn how to completely embody your true self in every moment. With these tools you will start to create the reality you’re truly crave.

But don’t just take it from me.

Here are some of the Babes I have previously coached with. They happily offered to toot my horn for me….


“From the moment we started chatting I felt this overwhelming sense of connectedness and was so comfortable in bringing all my deepest fears to the surface. What I love the most about Meg is that she is not trying to make you reach out for something else or fix who you are, but more so bring you back to your soul. I left our first session feeling so ALIVE and FREE.”
Karla Layton | www.timesoflayt.com


“I felt a shift in my energy. Being able to openly and honestly talk about the parts of my life I wanted to work on and have her guide me to my desired destination was amazing. It was an absolute pleasure working with Meg and I am astounded in the changes in myself that stemmed from our time together.”
Melody Williams | www.marevoli.com


“Meg helped me see the power of my own words, to embrace my raw, authentic, vulnerable self. She uplifted me and gave me the confidence and trust within myself to start achieving my dreams. Meg is the epitome of compassion, grace and integrity. Her words are mesmerising and her spirit is contagious, you can’t help but light up and smile when talking to her. I honestly felt like my best friend was coaching me. I am so grateful to have worked with Meg & could not recommend working with (her) enough.”
Lyndsey Eden

“Working with Meg has enabled me to feel confidence, inspiration, self-love, respect and expression, and really allowed my true self to shine through. Meg has helped me realise that dreams are achievable and “we can do anything” because nothing is impossible. Meg has empowered me to become more present and focused in life, which has then deepened my connection with my soul. Meg has provided, and still continues to provide me, with an endless amount of love and support.
I am forever grateful for sharing this experience with such a beautiful soul; a beautiful soul in which I have developed a close and well connected friendship with for life.”
Steph Fallon

You’re ready to step into HER shoes.
You’re ready to be the woman you have always wanted to be.

Well, send an email to meg@adventuringhome.com and let’s get this fire blazing!