You are doing enough!

Why the f*ck do we constantly live with the feeling we aren’t doing enough?

Has it been etched into your cells as much as it has mine?

I’m never doing enough work, meditation, yoga, giving, sleeping, blogging… 

And when I tell myself I’m not doing enough I immediately take that as I AM NOT ENOUGH!

I don’t know if you feel the same but… it’s utter BS!  
Despite our desire to design the perfect life, to always be doing all that we think we need to do  – we are in every moment enough. 

It’s the very essence of our human nature – enough.

Your “enough-ness” isn’t reliant on your action or your ability to tick off things on our to-do list. 

Your “enough-ness” is an inescapable part of YOU.

Yes sometimes you might not feel it. But that’s only because you’ve forgotten that it’s there, not because you’ve lost it! 

This week my mantra has been: “I am always doing enough”

Repeating this to myself every morning when waking and at different points of the day, it’s meant I’ve been easily able to do all of these things without guilt, anxiety or a fear my day is going to “turn to shit”: 

  • Taken a 10am nap.
  • Take the day “off” to road trip with my partner for his work
  • Visit my Nanna
  • Swapped emails for creek hangs with kiddies
  • Put in boundaries around computer time

Creek 1

Let be change-makers and stop this gratification of doing. No amount of doing changes WHO I AM IN THIS WORLD. I am already enough. 

And so are you. 

So take the pressure off. 
Calm down a little. 

Be happy. 
Stress less. Nap more.

You are enough! 



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