You deserve better.


You always have the right to desire something more that what’s currently in front of you. 

I found this little nugget in an old journal the other day. To be honest, I’m not too sure if it’s something that came from me or something I madly scribbled down after I read it in a book. Either way, I don’t think it matter it’s all a product of Source anyway, right?

I know, in this new-age world of self-help, we’re taught to “accept what is” but I think, sometimes, we take this too literally.

We think acceptance means completely coming to terms with where we are and expecting that this is where will remain for the rest of our existence. We think acceptance means resigning to the fact that this is as good as life is ever going to get for us.

If we’ve experiencing “shitty” times with our partner – we think acceptance means “Okay, I have a shit partner. That’s life!” 
If we’re struggling to get a job, we think acceptance means “Well, I better just face it – I’m never going to be that employable anyway!”.
If we’ve got no money, we think acceptance means planning for a life of financial strain.

But just because you’re experiencing one reality now, doesn’t mean you have to accept that that’s going to be your reality later. Just because you’re right in the thick of a struggle doesn’t mean that’s where you’re going to remain.

In fact, it’s ludicrous to expect a future that isn’t any better than the one you are experiencing now.

It’s your right to desire MORE than what currently is.

This doesn’t make you needy or greedy. You came here, into this gorgeous sacred vessel of yours, to EXPAND. Without desire you cannot fulfill this purpose. Without desire you cannot evolve and grow and get to know yourself better. Without desire you stay stuck, stagnant, cemented where you are.

So, fuck acceptance. Yep you heard me – FUCK ACCEPTANCE. Well, let go of what so many of us believe acceptance to be, at least.
Be okay with where you are, but…
Don’t let that keep you where you are.
Don’t let that stop you from dreaming big or wanting more.
Don’t let that determine what’s to come.

No matter what is happening in your world right now  – whether it be financial troubles, relationship breakdowns, illness – choose to find the light in the moment at hand but at the same time don’t resign to it being that way forever.

Acceptance doesn’t preclude you from simultaneously desiring more in the next moment. Just because you can’t “see” how things could ever change that doesn’t mean they can’t.

Not only do you deserve a future that is better than whatever you’re experiencing now, but that you are capable of creating that too. 

The choice is yours. 

2 Comments to “You deserve better.”

  1. Kajal says:

    I love that little nugget of wisdom! Acceptance to me is more of a surrender, surrender to what is, to this moment -so I can choose peace. For me it quiets the ego – its allows me to understand when I accept what is – then, I’ve chosen to be with it instead of fight it. Love to you! x

  2. Melissa says:

    I was going through my emails and found the link to this post at the bottom. Such great timing!
    I haven’t had the most emotionally supportive day, so reading through this again reminded to focus my energy on looking forward and feeling positive about the future.
    Thanks for sharing this. :-)

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