You want Wild Wealth, right?

You’re a dreamer. 

A seeker. A searcher. A lover of life. 

There’s so much you want to do/ see/ smell/ taste/ touch/ experience…

Quit the job that exhausts you and start taking action on your “crazy” business idea. 
Stock your fridge full of fresh, organic goodness.
Hire a business coach/ mentor. Outsource your admin.
Upgrade your website – fresh images, an immaculate design. 
Live in Spain for a year, surviving off nothing but Paella, wine and churros.
Create an elaborate in-house library, with a never ending supply of books.
Get your hands on that killer camera. Indulge in weekly massages. 
Update your entire wardrobe. And maybe upgrade your wheels too. 
Learn to surf along the cool coastlines of Bali. 
Trek through the Andes with a Peruvian shaman. 
And finally, escape to a little beachfront shack to write your memoirs.


There’s something holding you back…

Money. Cash. Finance. Moolah. 

Whatever you want to call it – you don’t have enough. 

You’re feeling stuck, smothered, unfulfilled – all because of your bank account.

You know what you want – more adventure, more zest, more travel, more excitement – but you’re convinced they’re not possible (unless of course you win the lotto or shag snag a Sugar Daddy!).

Life feels like a slog. Earn money. Pay the bills. Save. Save. Save.

You dream of the day you are financially free. Uninhibited by your bank account. Ready to take on the world.

Honey – Dream. No. Longer! 

There is no need for you to starve yourself of your desires. 

In fact, abundance is your birthright. All you want can be yours.  

It’s time to stop pushing your dreams to the side and start creating a life you truly crave.

Abundance isn’t hard work, it jut takes a little know-how.

It’s time you learned to be Wildly Wealthy. 


Wildly Wealthy is a guide to mastering your thoughts and energetic vibration to attract more abundance into your life. 

Although this book will help you build a much better looking bank account. More importantly it’s going to help you feel supported enough to follow your dreams and step into your power.

Inside I’ll guide you to:

  • Become a deliberate creator (use your thoughts and feelings to bring about the experiences you desire)
  • Heal your relationship with money
  • Take the guilt out of your spending
  • Attract money and all forms of abundance with ease, effortlessness and JOY.

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Wildly Wealthy isn’t just an ebook. 

She’s a 7 day journey, complete with… 

  • 7 simple daily lessons, action steps and a few worksheets
  • 7 beautifully designed mantra graphics (sneak a peek below!)
  • 7 days of email support and cheerleading from me

There’s been a whole lot of value poured into Wildly Wealthy. You’re going to feel oh-so-lovingly guided every wonderful step of the way. 



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“We all want to have the delicious experience of financial abundance. Having more money, and the getting and receiving of this, seems to be at the tip of many of our minds. Wildly Wealthy is beautiful, step-by-step resource that’s super easy to follow, for anyone who is looking to increase their financial abundance and feel wildly wealthy. Like everything that Meg puts her heart and soul to, this eBook is filled with her spirit, every word is an outpouring of wisdom and gentle, encouraging support. Love, love, love it!”

Vienda Maria |


“The way Meg breaks down the Law of Attraction is pure gold. If this is a new concept for you, your mind is about to be BLOWN. If you, like me, already have an understanding of the law of attraction and the way the universe works, Meg’s about to broaden your view of this limitless horizon. If you follow this 7 day guide, life as you know it will change.” 

Kristen Graham | Wild Spirit Feather

Suzzi-Hartery1Wildly Wealthy couldn’t have come at a better time. Having gone through major life changes and home truths it was time to believe I deserve Abundance. Through every actionable step Wildly Wealthy will have you moving into a state of love and attract. Everything Meg does is full of value and with beautiful mantra’s to carry into each day you are sure to attract insane abundance too. It’s time to feel worthy!” 

Suzzi Hartery | Nourished Hub 

karlaWildly Wealthy is a practical book you will read, implement and look back on and say – holy crap that worked! Filled with powerful ways to get rid of old habits and clean out your negative thought closet – Meg is a manifesting maven that will fill up your abundance cup in no time! A punchy, powerful + purposeful guide to get your bank account thanking you for attracting the wealth you truly want.”


Wildly Wealthy is potent. Straight up, soul-infused how-to. Meg has served up heaps of wisdom in this eBook, but there are plenty of mega-watt action steps that will have you creating the abundance you crave.”

Fran Maspero | My Goodness Me

Michella Harvey“Beautifully designed with words that inspire. Wildly Wealthy is perfect if you’re looking to create abundance in your life. Relatively new to the laws of attraction, I found Meg’s daily actions uplifting, exciting and really easy to follow. There were definitely a few ‘a-ha’ moment as I realised just how much my thoughts and vibrations have affected my reality!”

Michelle Harvey | In Transit Life


You are Here, on this Earth, to live a life of explosive excitement. 

Stop letting money hold you back from pursuing your dreams and start stepping into the wild wealth that awaits. 



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