Your only business is the is-ness


Manifesting… it’s become somewhat of a buzz word, hasn’t it?

Everyone’s got us believing that anything is possible. And hell yes for that! We are indeed all Beings of infinite potentiality. Anything we desire can be ours. BUT why aren’t we, well,…experiencing more of the good stuff?

There’s obviously something holding us back, something preventing us from truly stepping into our manifesting power. And I think I know what it is….

Our need to KNOW.

We are human, after all, and are driven by a need for certainty. We’re into the details. We want to know how it’s all going to take shape – where the money is going to come from, what the man is going to look like, how long we’ll have to wait for [insert whatever you’re currently trying to make happen].

We seek all these particulars in a bid to feel better – more relaxed, more at ease.

But more often than not, our actual experience is the opposite. Our need to know leaves us feeling stressed, anxious and overwhelmed. It has us trying desperately to work out the “how”, to put all the pieces of our future puzzle together.

But that’s not our job! And that’s exactly why we’re being blocked from actually experiencing what we want.

How exactly DO we manifest?

We are connected to Source energy – the force that holds the stars in the sky and the planets in alignment, the force that encourages a seed to bloom into a flower and the embryo to grow into a foetus and then a real-life breathing human being. This very force is not only an intricate part of us, but is conspiring in our favour in each moment, moving us towards that which we desire.

In your evolution from an embryo to a baby you didn’t have to plan or schedule your growth. You didn’t ever think “Wait, what week is it again? Am I growing my limbs this week. Oh-fuck, no! Was it my ears?”

There was a force outside of your conscious awareness taking care of all of that for you! And you’re here. Living. Breathing. It all worked out, didn’t it?

Well, that force has never left you, not even for a second.You just seemed to have forgotten about its existence. And in this forgetfulness, you have taken on the belief that you are responsible for it all. That’s it’s your job to plan, to schedule, to “figure it all out”.

How else are you going to get what you want, right? 

But, you beautiful human, you’re cutting the Universe’s grass.

Not only is this kind of rude – She was here first – this is a force of Infinite Intelligence we’re talking about (remember: the force that prevents the Sun from crashing into Earth!). As much as you think you know what’s best for you, the Universe has a whole lot better foresight!

She’s been trained to respond to your desires and create realities that you want.

It’s the Universe’s job to “work it all out”. 

It’s your job to simply allow and receive. 

Psst. Your only business is the is-ness (a.k.a. The present moment). 



Struggling to stay present and be guided by the Universe?

Here’s a few tips for you. .

1. Trust

Trust that you live in an infinitely-abundant and loving Universe.
Trust that this Universe know what you want and how to get you their the quickest.
Trust that She’s supporting you in each moment, guiding you down the path of least resistance.

And trust that life isn’t meant to be hard. You’re here to feel good – really ,really good! 

2. Align 

Forget “how” you’re going to get there (that’s not your job, remember?) and focus on feeling good.

When you choose to feel good you are choosing to align with your natural state and this is where that all-powerful Universal force lie.

When you choose to feel good you are in closer contact with the Universe and therefore better able to hear where you need to go next.

However, if you’re concentrating all your energy on the “how” and stressing out – you’re moving away from your natural state and blocking the guidance from Infinite Intelligence. If you want to move quickly in the direction of your desires…

Sink into the present moment and seek as much joy from it as you can.

Next time you feel yourself trying to “work it out” – stop! Remind yourself…

“My only bizness is the is-ness”.

Let the Universe do the rest.


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  1. Kajal says:

    This post was so well timed for me, I am doing just these things you mentioned. All I REALLY have is this moment, here and now ~ as I choose to feel good, I choose to feel god :) Thanks Meg! x

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